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A Business fixed land-line
number is part of your brand

Having a phone line stricktly dedicated to your business tells your consumers that your business is to be taken seriously, it isn't just some side gig or hobby, it makes you look professional and ensure a 24/7 business availability to answer customer's imporant calls.

A direct business phone line will help enhance your online business' brand image and elevate brand perception in the eyes of your consumers.
It is easy to forget the need for a fixed landline when we have options like mobile devices,
Skype and free online voice calls. While theses channels are great to make calls to your
friends and family they aren't all that reliable in the business scheme of things.

Only a fixed landline network provides the kind of security
and calls clarity that your business requires
to look like a legitimate one.

So, let the world know that your business is worth having a dedicated channel
of human communication built around a strong foundation of quality customer service.

Business landline features
and benefits from Etisalat

01Free Fixed To
Fixed calls

Plan includes 7,500 land- line minutes to use every month, per business line.

02Call Hold / Wait

Never miss a call again. You can take a second call and put the first on hold.

03Conference Call

Enhance business commu- nications and decision making by adding a third person into the call.

04Call Forward

Streamline call manage- ment. Forward calls to a landline or mobile when you are on the move.

05Voice Mail

Allow customers to leave a message when you are not able to take the call.

06Caller ID

Add caller display for free and see the phone number of whos’s calling before you answer.

Business phone systems are more than
just technology in this day and age.

It is an asset that can make the difference between the loss of customer trust and
your gain of customer loyalty. it gives your company the chance to grow.

- Why You Need A Business Phone -
System In Your Company

- 1 -

Increasing the standard of service that customers receive.

- 2 -

The business phone system, either on-premise or cloud version, comes with the help and support of the vendor.

- 3 -

Help in maintaining proper communications between you and your employees.

- 4 -

It can grow with your company and customers base growth.

- 5 -

Reduce communica- tions costs, as a result of internet integration instead of charge per minute phone calls.

- 6 -

Less time is spent on the little things that a platform can handle, such as queueing and routing phone calls.

- 7 -

Provide an oppurtinity to streamline work- flows and simplify communications.

Fast internet backed by the largest
fiber network in the country

Enjoy a broadband connectivity solution that meet and serve all your
business internet needs with the fastest network from Etisalat.

- Internet Packages that will provide your -
business with the benefits below

High Speed Internet

Each of our packages comes with a high-speed internet connection that will ideally suit the specific needs of your business.

Unified Communication

You choose the perfect unified communication solution for every employee in your business.


Protect your business with a groundbreaking virtual firewall and the latest antivirus software.

Managed Devices

Separate Wi-Fi networks for staff and guests with built-in business analytics and control over your Wi-Fi usage.

Domain & Web Hosting

We’ll secure your business by ensuring you an exclusive domain name, plus provide the ability to set up your own business website.


Stay in control with multiple business email accounts boasting significant storage per mailbox.

Etisalat Internet Bundle Plans

ONE month FREE subscription rental,

when you add 2 extra phone lines to your internet bundle plan.

Offer Details

150 MB / 200 MB
300 MB / 400 MB
600 MB.